Kitchen Canopy Cleaning & Duct Cleaning

Kitchen canopy cleaning & duct cleaning helps to remove unwanted grease that has accumulated over time from your commercial cooking canopies and ducts. Leaving them uncleaned and not having them regularly assessed can have major repercussions on your business such as a fire starting.

AAroma Cleaning Services has over 25 years’ experience in the commercial industry in cleaning ducts and air ventilation systems. Our staff are highly trained and professional in working around a time that suits you. Our aim is to protect the catering industry from fires taking place on your premises as well as protecting your staff from any potential risks.

Kitchen Risks

When grease becomes trapped inside the ducts and vents of your cooking appliances, the build-up of grease can cause a number of environmental hazards.

  • Hygiene – cleaning your canopy extraction system is an important way to keep a commercial kitchen environment odour free and not contaminated. With regular cleaning of the canopies and duct systems this can be maintained.
  • Fires – one of the major factors behind commercial kitchen fires is the build of grease in the canopies and ducts. Extracted ducting system can also aid the spread of fire throughout a building so the maintenance and cleaning of these system is of extreme importance.
  • Insurance – Insurance companies suggest having a maintenance agreement with a professional kitchen cleaning contractor to keep kitchen canopies and ducts clean and maintained.

Kitchen Canopy & Duct Inspection

Our highly trained technicians will come to your premises and carry out a full investigation on your commercial kitchen to see if there is a potential threat that could harm your business and staff. We look for a number of things such as:

  • Grease that has accumulated over time in the canopies
  • Grease that has accumulated over time in the horizontal and vertical ducts
  • Grease that has accumulated over time in the extraction fan
  • Grease that has accumulated over time in the extraction louvre vent
  • An assessment of your panels to see if they need to be replaced

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Testimonials from Commercial

“ We have using Aaroma Cleaning Services for over a long period of time, and have no hesitation recommending this company – a well run organisation”

Procurement & Health and Safety Officer David Moore - AXA Insurance

“We received a high standard reliable service, backed by sound professional advice, competitive pricing and a genuine interest and pride in the job being done properly. No hesitation in recommending Aaroma Cleaning Services as a top quality professional cleaning company”
Keith Donahue – Facilities Manager Bord Gais

“We have got all our carpets deep steam cleaned by Aaroma Cleaning Services over the years, and what a difference, I have used other companies in the past, but nothing has turned out as good as this company with very competitive prices in all areas”

Lucy Campbell – Dublin City Council

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