Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal Service

Aaroma cleaning services take a modern approach to chewing gum and bubble gum removal. With cutting edge, environmentally friendly equipment Aaroma can provide a cleaning service that most other companies cannot.

Gum Removal Technique

Our chewing gum removal service uses equipment powerful enough to quickly dislodge and extract gum residue without damaging the surface.

The combination of steam and detergent disintegrates the chewing gum and the remaining residues are vacuumed up instantly into the stainless steel chamber, preventing the formation of new gum spots. Remove up to 700 gums per hour!

We can remove chewing gum & bubble gum from the following surfaces:

– Shops and storefronts
– High streets, Pavements & Paths
– Retail parks and entrances
– Car parks
– Internal tiles
– Areas around public bins
– Any other hard surface area subject to site assessment
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Testimonials from Commercial

“ We have using Aaroma Cleaning Services for over a long period of time, and have no hesitation recommending this company – a well run organisation”

Procurement & Health and Safety Officer David Moore - AXA Insurance

“We received a high standard reliable service, backed by sound professional advice, competitive pricing and a genuine interest and pride in the job being done properly. No hesitation in recommending Aaroma Cleaning Services as a top quality professional cleaning company”
Keith Donahue – Facilities Manager Bord Gais

“We have got all our carpets deep steam cleaned by Aaroma Cleaning Services over the years, and what a difference, I have used other companies in the past, but nothing has turned out as good as this company with very competitive prices in all areas”

Lucy Campbell – Dublin City Council

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