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our blind cleaning service can be provided on or offsite in Dublin

Blind Cleaning Service

Our blind cleaning services are second to none. Our standard service provides a complete pick-up and return service within 24 or 48 hours as required.

For larger quantities or where the return of the blinds is required as quickly as possible, we can provide an on-site cleaning service. Prices for our services start as low as €35.00 per blind!

The blinds are taken down before cleaning and re-hung by our own staff using our specially developed process that ensures that every blind is returned to the exact window it was taken from.

This means that our service has very little, if any, impact on the day-to-day running of the facility.

The blinds are cleaned ultrasonically to deliver an extremely deep clean; removing all dirt, dust, grime and soiling from every crevice of the blind.

Where required/requested, we can also treat the blind with a powerful anti-bacterial/anti-viral agent to deliver a sterilising clean.